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Where are the park located? How can we get there?
Ujung Kulon, situated in western tip of Java island. Each of these park offers a unique range of adventure activities which your entire family or friend can enjoy. .
  • Badul island
  • Handeleum island
  • Cigente river
  • Cimayan Blue Lagoon
  • Citerjun Coral Reef
  • Peucang Island
  • Cidaoun Grassing Ground
  • Cireame Beach
  • Tanjung Layar
  • Karang Copong
  • Nyawaan Coral Reef
  • Taman Jaya
  • Cibom
  • Sumur Fisherman Villages
  • Krakatau Volcano
  • Baduy Tribe Tour
All our tour are easily accessible and well-connected by sea & road from Jakarta or Carita and other major west Java towns. We provide you with all instructions and map-details. Transport to and from the park can be arranged on request
 Q. My child is very young-can I still come down for a holiday with you?

We encourage you to bring along young children, their delight as they discover new surroundings will add to your experience. Our tours are well equipped to meet the special needs of families with infants and very young children and our friendly staff will have all of you feeling comfortable in no time. So, you don't have to worry about that. However, very young children may not be able to participate in some of the adventure activities offered in the tour.


Boat at all our tours is in well-equipped We provided wooden boat (slow boat) and (fast boat) All are equipped with life jackets, navigation devices, power full outboard engines “double engine”, and are operated by a professional crew.

What kind of accommodation can I expect at your camps?

Accommodation at all our camps is in well-equipped , We pay special attention to hygiene and comfort and ensure attention to details like the provision of clean linen. Our kitchens are well stocked and we have expert chefs who will be more than willing to comply with any special requests at mealtimes. Ujung Kulon ecotourism follows a strict responsible tourism policy, so we pay special attention to protecting the environment and controlling pollution. We ensure that our tour facilities do not damage the eco-system.

 Q. What about first aid and medical emergencies?

Our instructors and trek-guides at all the tours are trained to administer first-aid. We carry well stocked first-aid boxes at all times to deal with any situation that may arise while taking part in the outdoor activities.


What kind of food do you provide? Is milk available at your tours?


We serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. We have expert chefs and a team of well- trained kitchen staff at all our tours who can serve up a wide range of cuisines to tempt even the most jaded palettes. From mouth-watering deserts to hot and cold beverages and sumptuous cocktail snacks-we serve the best. And yes, all our camp kitchens are well stocked with milk and fresh vegetables and fruits.

 Q. Any special clothing and equipment we need to carry with us?

Our camps are well equipped but you do need to carry a few certain things for your personal requirement. A detailed list is given below, but this may vary according to the trip you choose and the time of year. Our team will further provide you with all specific details before you leave for your trip.


•  Sleeping bag (if desired)

•  Shirts/t- shi rt

•  Trousers/track pants

•  Windproof jacket

•  Fleece/full sleeve woolen sweater

•  Thermal inner wear

•  Woolen cap

•  Mittens and Scarf

•  Woolen socks (extra pairs to be carried)

•  Comfortable trekking/hiking shoes (shoes with a thick sole are recommended)

•  Raincoat/poncho

•  Towels

•  Water bottles

•  Cap/hat/ sunglasses

•  Sunscreen lotion and insect repellant creams

•  Lip balm/personal toiletries

•  Medicines (if you require any specific medication)

•  Camera with extra film and batteries

•  Books if you like reading

•  Loads of enthusiasm!

 Q. What are the outdoor activities we can take part in? Are they safe?

We offer a wide range of outdoor activities for suitable for participants of all ages. From tailor made family treks to adventure sports in our tours, you'll find something to suit everyone. All activities are performed under safety guidelines for children, and under expert supervision. All our instructors and guides are trained in premier mountaineering and adventure-sport establishments. We use top of the line equipment for all activities and have ample first-aid emergency support.

 Q. Can you provide me with references?

We will be more than happy to help you get in touch with our satisfied clients from all over the world. Over the years ujung Kulon ecotourism has built bonds with the families who come and spend time at our tours and do trips over and over again. We can proudly say that our standards and service helps us to build long lasting relationships with all our clients. So just ask our team to help you contact any of them to hear about their first hand experience with Ujung kulon ecotourism.


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